for those who, despite their best efforts, have yet to find full recoveries, no matter what their problems or behaviors may be and their family and friends.

Welcome to Recoveries Anonymous!

    We have some important information that will help you, as a newcomer to R.A.'s fellowship, take full advantage of all R.A.'s Twelve Step Program of Recovery has to offer.
    Insanity has been described as doing the same thing, in exactly the same way, over and over again, and expecting a different result. The good news is that R.A. does things in a different way, so you can get a different result. This result is being restored to sanity in all areas of your life.

The Goal of R.A.'s Program
    The goal of R.A.'s program is to help you become restored to sanity in every area of your life. This goal comes from the first hundred members who recovered. They are the pioneers of the program. They wrote the Big Book. It contains their "clear-cut directions" for working R.A.'s program. They also wrote the Twelve Steps where they say that they "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."
    In R.A. we will help you to follow the pioneers' original "clear-cut directions" to work all Twelve Steps. R.A.'s experience is that working the Twelve Steps in this way will help you come to believe that God can restore YOU to sanity. You will be able to find the full recovery you have been seeking.

The First Things for You to Read
    To find out more about R.A.'s program we suggest that you download a free copy of R.A.'s Newcomer Guide from R.A.'s web site. We suggest that you read it after you finish reading this page. We also have other guides and books that will help you find the recovery you are seeking. For example, you can download a free copy of R.A.'s Change In Perception Guide. It contains R.A.'s Highlighting Introduction. We suggest that you follow the suggestions in it to get started with R.A.'s program of recovery. We suggest that you also do this after you finish reading this page.
    At this time R.A.'s guides and books are only available in PDF versions. You can download them from R.A.'s web site. You can then print them out on your own printer. You can also take R.A.'s books and guides into a print center to be printed and bound. We hope to have printed versions of R.A.'s literature available in the near future.

R.A.'s Suggested Literature
    The original Twelfth Step says that you will have "a spiritual experience as the result of this course of action." This means going through all Twelve Steps using the pioneers' original "clear-cut directions." We believe that these directions are easier to see in the Multilith Big Book. It is the pioneers' group conscience approved original manuscript for the Big Book. In it, the pioneers share "To show other[s] PRECISELY HOW THEY CAN RECOVER is the main purpose of this book." While you may already have a copy of A.A.'s Big Book, R.A.'s experience is that the changes made to its text make it very hard to see the original "clear-cut directions."
    You can download "The Original Way Out Revealed: R.A.’s Annotated Multilith Big Book" from R.A.'s web site. There are also a number of other R.A. books you will find helpful on this page. We give the passwords needed to open these book to thank those who make a small contribution in support of R.A.'s effort to help others.
    While they are not required, you may also enjoy having some of the other books we use in R.A. available. This includes DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, A.A. Comes of Age, A.A.'s Twelve and Twelve, and a book the pioneers read before they wrote the Big Book, The Sermon on the Mount. In addition, you may also enjoy having a copy of the current edition of A.A.'s Big Book.
    You can get these books, by using your favorite search engine, or by going to your favorite online bookseller and searching for them. You can also find out more about these books by clicking here.
    We also have an R.A. members only web site that you will use with your R.A. sponsor to work the Twelve Steps. You can get an R.A. sponsor by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on R.A.'s web site.

Attend R.A. Meetings
    R.A. meetings are probably different than other meetings you may have attended. This is intended to produce a different result. At R.A. meetings we suggest that you not go into detail about your problems, your behaviors, or your life. Most of us already know how to hurt ourselves, and others. We are in this program to learn how to become, and stay, sane.
    Therefore, at R.A. meetings we suggest that you try to focus on, and share about, the solution that is in R.A.'s literature, instead of your problems or behaviors. You will be able to talk about your problems and behaviors one-on-one with your sponsor and other R.A. members.
    R.A.'s focus on the solution at our meetings allows us to welcome everyone, including family and friends. While many of R.A.'s members are no longer in other programs, others are. In either case, at R.A.'s meetings we suggest that you do not mention the name of any other organizations in your sharing.
    You can get more information about R.A.'s meetings by downloading a free copy of R.A.'s Meetings Guide. You can find the locations of R.A.'s face-to-face meetings, and the times of R.A.'s phone meetings, by clicking on the "Meetings" button on R.A.'s web site.

    MP3 Sample RA Meeting Listen to a full length R.A. Solution Discussion meeting.

More About R.A.'s Program
    R.A. is a Solution Focused Twelve Step program. There are no dues or fees for membership in R.A. We are self-supporting through contributions.
    Recoveries Anonymous is a spiritual program, not a religious one. This is true even though our literature talks about God. It is also true even though some of the books that we read from an historical perspective, because the pioneers used to read them, mention Christ.
    We look forward to you joining us "on the Broad Highway, walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe" toward your recovery.

“Working the R.A. program, attending R.A.'s face-to-face meetings, and R.A.'s phone meetings, has shown me how to focus on the solution, instead of my problems. Going through the Twelve Steps in R.A. has restored me to sanity in every area of my life.” H. Commack NY

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